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Handwritten documents are not just for celebrations, events and anniversaries.  They can also be successfully used in your company direct mail marketing campaigns.


The days of emails are here to stay and it would be hard to imagine life without them.  However, with all the information offered in an email on a daily basis, it is easy, as a company, to be overlooked.  Traditional handwritten mail is producing surprisingly good results.

An email does not have the personal feel of a handwritten envelope.

Neatly handwritten envelopes draw attention and curiosity, making it impossible to ignore.  Compliment this with a handwritten card or personalised letter and it shows a special touch that makes a potential or existing customer feel you have taken the time and interest to contact them on an individual level.

You may already send direct mail to your customers but I can guarantee most of it will end up the recycling bin without it ever being looked at.  Handwritten envelopes are much more likely to get opened, read and responded to.  A must for your offline marketing campaigns.

Handwritten envelopes are ideal for:

  • Standing out from the digital crowd
  • Business direct mail
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Corporate Events
  • Thank you cards
  • Adding luxury and exclusivity to your communications

This is one of the services I offer at and currently, I am offering the first 25 letters of any marketing campaign free of charge!

How it works:

You send me your content.  I handwrite using quality stationery and post directly to your clients, or back to you.  To find out more or receive a quote contact